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We create brilliant communities for

business owners to share,

challenge, collaborate and grow.

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We create brilliant communities for business owners to share, challenge, collaborate and grow.

How did you get here?

Do you think of yourself as an entrepreneur, or a business owner, or just doing your own thing? Is your venture a new-start, or an established enterprise?

Either way, if you’re anything like our members, you’ll be feeling a mix of excitement and ambition, pride, empowerment, ownership… maybe also an element of pressure, nervousness, at times even a little isolated or overwhelmed?

The people who join us are determined to work through this. They’re focused on improving, growing, and learning. Our facilitated peer board groups provide a unique vehicle for this to happen, with honest feedback, grounded insight, and the best mix of challenge and encouragement for where ever you are in your business journey.

The Boardroom is for the alternative thinkers, the free spirits, the ones who were told to sit still or to stop asking ‘why?’. Turns out all those disruptive tendencies were pretty useful after all.

How it works

Our inspirational Business Owner Boards present a new approach to tackling the challenges of running and growing your business, by pooling the experience and expertise of other business owners within your own confidential professional forum.

First things first. This is not a networking meeting or a talking shop.

Our members use their peer board sessions for fresh thinking, inspiration, access to experience, challenge, unbiased feedback, motivation, accountability and more.

We get down to business, and as a facilitated group of equals, use our combined expertise and experience to work through each other’s business challenges and opportunities.

We’re yet to meet the person who had all the answers or didn’t value an independent perspective on the things that kept them thinking at night.

From our new-start boards to our £2m-turnover-and-above senior boards, what our members have in common is that they’re all moving forwards. They’re growing, developing, learning, all the time. There’s a camaraderie and a momentum you just don’t get when going it alone.

If you are up for trying a different perspective with your business, we’d like to invite you to experience a free taster board. At the taster you can meet The Boardroom team, connect with the other business owners attending, and see a live demonstration of a peer board in action!


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